Marietta Mentoring for Leadership Financial Literacy Lunch-n-Learn

Beginning in January, PE Mary Ansley Southerland worked with local realtors to develop a 3-part series of financial related seminars focusing on goal setting and career/salaries in Metro-Atlanta, credit, credit reports and credit scores and home ownership. We held 3 sessions after school, and due to the success and students' desire for more information, the program is expanding.On April 14, 2020, Rotary Club of Marietta will provide a pizza lunch buffet for approximately 80 mentees and present another program on credit, credit reports and home ownership as well as have members of RCoM share career and vocational advice.

Then, on April 24, 2020, RCoM, along with Rotary Club of North Cobb, is sponsoring a program called Reality U. RU is a initiative of Communities in Schools and it is intended to help youth acquire financial education to prepare for life as adults . It's an interactive 75 minute simulation of life. We plan to open this opportunity to the Junior and Senior classes at Marietta High.

Partner Involvement
Marietta Mentoring for Leadership. The mission of MMFL is to provide high-potential, under-resourced youth with community mentors and provide collegial experiences that encourage and support students to maximize their leadership adn their personal, academic and future success.